Retrive your lost information from any media

Data recovery is a very delicate and complicated process of salvaging the data that you, for one reason or another, cannot access on your own. Reason for this are many and they include deleting your data by accident or the media on which the information had been stored has been damaged or formatted. You might need the services of data recovery whenever you are unable to reach your information in a standard way. It is possible to retrieve your lost information from any kind of media and this includes internal or external hard discs, solid-state drives, USB drives of different sizes, magnetic tapes, CD’s and DVD’s and other similar electronic devices.


If you find yourself in this kind of situation, do not panic, but contact data recovery San Jose agents either by phone, e-mail or online chat and the process of data recovery can start immediately. When your data fails, technicians at our San Jose data recovery facility are here to help. If your computer, phone, or other device has crashed do not hesitate to contact them.

Data recovery in the San Jose area


San Jose data recovery has been recovering data quickly and efficiently in this area. San Jose is one of the largest cities in the state of California and the capital of the Santa Clara county. It is located in a very popular Silicon valley and it is the largest city in the Northern California. San Jose is located on a very crucial position, on a crossroads of the wild outdoors and the innovation of tech companies that are extremely important for this area. It also boasts 300 sunny days a year and easy access to the Pacific Ocean, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and California’s wine country.

Tech companies in San Jose

Because San Jose is home to hundreds of companies that deal with technologies and information, data recovery San Jose and the services they provide is extremely vital for this area. Data recovery San Jose has a large number of experts with extensive knowledge of data recovery and they offer their services for the entire area of the sprawling Silicon Valley. San Jose experts didn’t have the luxury of starting off as a small company since the needs for data recovery in this area has been enormous. Non the less, they have been keeping their services on a very high level from the very start and can now boast with a large number of data recovery experts and excellent services that always brings in new clients.


Storage media for which data recovery assistance is necessary

In particular, experts can recover your data from most media but from their extensive experience in this field of business, the most common media that are brought in for data recovery are different kinds of servers. Servers are very important because they are used for critical information storage as well as back up data which means that losing this information would be really devastating. Data recovery San Jose has specialized experts who are trained to deal with these kinds of disasters in particular. They can quickly diagnose and salvage the main data as well as the backup data from your server.

Data recovery San Jose experts are also good for salvaging information:

  • from all kind of models and brands of desktop computers, this includes hard drives and solid state drives.
  • If you have hard disc drives which failed due:
  • to power supply issues,
  • manufacturer defects,
  • malware corruption and this resulted in serious data loss, San Jose experts can also bring you your data back. T
  • This also goes for solid-state drives which are very common in this area due to the large number of business that use it. Unfortunately, they are very vulnerable to crashes and that often results with data loss. These complex devices require advanced skills to recover lost data. San Jose data recovery team is prepared to assist with any kind of SSD issues.

Data loss on laptops

The same goes with data loss on laptops. Laptops are still extremely popular in California because you can use them anywhere. Very mobile but also very prone to failing, laptops are often brought to San Jose data recovery team. They are able to recover the information from any laptop, no matter the model. Other forms of media on which data loss occurs are different kinds of media storage devices, which includes USB, SD cards, etc. These kinds of media almost always store special treasures such as family photos, videos and other irreplaceable memorabilia.

Racovering data from RAID

Moreover, San Jose data recovery team is also the best in recovering data from RAID configurations. They have designed a special software for recovering data from RAID configurations. They will also recover your information quickly and securely from SAN, DAS AND NAS storage devices. There are only a few data recovery companies that are able to recover data from SAN safely and data recovery San Jose is one of them.

What to do when data is lost

The first thing that you need to do is crucial for preventing your data from getting lost in the first place. That is to stop using your computer, laptop or phone as soon as you notice that something is wrong and that it might fail. Signs that something is not right may include strange noises coming from your device, black screen, a very slow work and many others. Bring it to the San Jose recovery data team as soon as possible. This way, you might prevent data loss and save a lot of time and money. If however, the media has already suffered from some kind of malfunction and your data has been lost, the experts can, in most cases, help you recover your data, so there is no need to panic.

Shutdown your computer

Safely unplug your device from the wall and if you are able to, shut it completely down, not with a normal shut down computer option but by pressing the turn off button with your finger. Remove the battery or other storage device, if possible. The next thing to do is to contact the San Jose data recovery office where you will be able to communicate with a customer service agent and tell him what the problem might be. They are on call at all times, day or night, to help you and together you will be able to start the process of recovering your data as soon as possible.

Do not try to repair damaged media on your own

It is extremely important that you do not try and fix the problem on your own because most likely you will not be able to do anything about it and any further delay that your attempts might cause will make the recovery process more difficult for the professionals. And that means you are also only adding to the cost. There are many trouble shooting advice on the Internet and there is even a software that you can download, which promises to recover your data without professional help, but if there was any truth in this, San Jose data recovery would not be able to remain in business for as long as it has. In the end, you will do more harm than good.

Put your trust in data recovery San Jose because the process and the procedures that we use for data recovery is extremely simple but also very reliable and we will not charge you until your data has been retrieved.