Located at the hub of Silicon Valley, San Jose is a an important destination for travellers and businesses. San Jose was known for more than 150 years as an area of communal farming, but things have shifted in the mid 20th century when the city began expanding and high-tech industry flourished. The high-tech electronics industry was the changing factor that brought up San Jose as one of the top developers of computer technology in the world.

The development of electronics industry transformed San Jose into a bustling city which earned the nickname “Capital of Silicon Valley”. The huge focus of companies dealing in engineering, microprocessor development, aerospace technology, networking, web hosting and many other activities has become known as “Silicon Valley”. A mecca for technologies such as nanotechnology, networking and microprocessors, Silicon Valley continues to impress with a constant flow of new inventions in the computer world.

The city is served by San Jose international Airport located in the very center of the Silicon Valley, and is equipped with the latest technology such as Wi-Fi terminals and touch screen information panels. The airport is well connected to major roadways which makes life easier for all the hardware engineers, web designers, networking and data recovery specialists to easily travel to and from San Jose.

Tech bubble boom

The uninterrupted period of growth Silicon Valley experienced from the 1950 and onward was due to the increasing demand and popularity of the high-tech industry. The end of the 20th century saw the creation of many new companies and the wider usage of internet meant that the way business is done was reinvented. Since 2000, San Jose is a mecca for new companies and investors looking to expand the computer industry to new levels.

The city of San Jose features a large amount of companies that have over 1000 employees including Adobe, the world famous creative image editing software solution, eBay who is one of the largest e-commerce online traders and PayPal which is one of the most popular and secure ways to make online transactions. These high-tech companies changed the user experience of the internet and how we pay, work and have fun online.

Data recovery services are in high demand in San Jose. The city’s large accumulation of high tech companies mean that data recovery is an integral part of San Jose economy. The hard drives, USB flash drives and even SSDs are prone to mechanical and other failures that disable the workflow of a company or an individual. This is why data recovery in San Jose meets the highest standards in rescuing data from even more complex setups like RAID 5.

Silicon valley – the heart of modern technology

Bringing new technologies to the front in the form of hardware and software are the Cisco Systems. Famous for designing and manufacturing networking equipment, Cisco software and hardware is known and used worldwide by businesses and private owners. The company also focuses on network and software development and website data analysing services. Cisco’s networking solutions dramatically improved our ability to access the internet faster. The network cards, switches and routers they produced increased the security of our computers and improved on the hardware firewall found in many of networking devices.


The Silicon Valley is also the birthplace of Adobe Systems. Adobe produces one of the most recognised software products among many computer specialists, film industry artists and other institutions called Photoshop. The popular image editing software has remained the primary choice for over 2 decades among many professionals in the computer industry. Adobe also involves itself with other image, audio and video editing software , 3D technology development and software along with web applications.

The well known web-based transaction service PayPal (https://www.paypal.com) can also be found in San Jose. The company revolutionised the way online payments are done and has grown into one of the biggest companies of its kind. The ability to allow users and businesses to send funds to each other electronically through the internet reinvented trading and opened up new possibilities for companies worldwide. The online service payment called PayPal made transactions for buying hardware, software and computer parts and peripherals easy and a painless procedure for the entire world.

The incredible potential

Silicon Valley is so successful and recognised in the world that it receives over 35% of all capital given in the United States to start new projects. This is one of the reason tech giant IBM (http://www.ibm.com/) opened its offices in the city. IBM is one of the top manufacturers of computer hardware and software. The company is well known for developing new milestones in nanotechnology. For the last few years IBM shifted its focus from manufacturing hard drives, SSDs and memory modules on more high-end activities like cloud-computing and data analytics.

San Jose is known to produce the largest amount of patents for new emerging computer technologies in United States. The constant innovation in networking, nanotechnology, microprocessors, semiconductors that make the world greener and simplify your computing tasks are patented here. Samsung (http://www.samsung.com/) is another company that opened its new headquarters in San Jose. The company is widely known for producing and designing semiconductors, SUHD, LED, 4K UHD and Smart televisions.

The constant innovation that drives San Jose is hidden within the well organized high-tech companies that are at the forefront of developing technologies shaping our world. The development of internet and microprocessors allowed us to use our computers in a simple, efficient way so we can be productive. Silicon Valley is one of the top ranking places in the world when it comes to innovation and companies that develop semiconductors, processors, hard drives, networking solutions, software solutions and many other things in San Jose are among the top players in their field. Many of these companies are based in San Jose because the constant support of data recovery services and hardware and software specialists means that everyone can help each other to create a better world for tomorrow.